Surely everyone is familiar with the very popular classic bingo game and has heard of online based bingo that is played over the internet nowadays. But at livewebcambingo.nl, we are offering something completely new: BingoCams! With these BingoCams you can play live webcam bingo and this is truly unique in the Netherlands and incredibly enjoyable and fun to play. While the popular bingo games allowed you to chat whilst playing bingo, you will now be able to see each other over the webcam as well!

We have now added a great many fun features such as collecting our prizewinners’ most memorable win moments. The most memorable one will have a chance to win 1000€ at the end of the month.Getting started with web cambingo is easy to do and making a deposit is done through our secure payment methods, including secure payments by telephone, creditcard with Visa and Mastercard and much much more!

Doesn’t this sound too good to be true? We invite you to try webcam bingo yourself! Get 5€ free and on top of that a receive special welcome bonus as well! You can now play the BingoCams on your tablet and mobile phone as well and the chat and helpdesk are in the dutch (Nederlandse) Language. Have loads of fun and good luck!